Cyclophosphamide Side Effects long term Use and Precaution

Cyclophosphamide Monohydrate

Pronunciation: sye-kloe-phoss-Fa-mide


Cyclophosphamide drugs side effects long term of use causes many health-related problems. It causes hair loss of the human body and scalp.

Cyclophosphamide is an associate alkylating agent.Alkylating agent usually used for cancer treatment. It is work to slow and stop the germs of cancer.

Cyclophosphamide is the first class of drugs used produces extremely reactive carbonium particle intermediates that transfer radical to cellular macromolecules by forming valence bonds.

This ends up in cross-linking or abnormal base pairing or cut of DNA strand. Transformation into active anti-cancer effect occurs in the liver and a wide range of anti-tumor action is exerted.

Cyclophosphamide drugs have a prominent immunosuppressant property that means it used to improve the human body immune system. It is less damaging to platelets.


Cyclophosphamide drugs are very useful for patients having serious oncological diseases, like lymphogranulomatosis and Hodgkin’s disease.

For different forms of cancer patients like body fluid nodes cancer liver cancer, bone marrow cancer, and gastrointestinal tract cancer patients prescribed for the cyclophosphamide drugs.

These cyclophosphamide medicine wont to turn out blood cells for cancer of the blood patients. In a bone-related disease like reticulum cell sarcoma, patients get good results by using these drugs.

For myeloma, a rare cancer of plasma cells patient takes cyclophosphamide for better results. Cyclophosphamides an anticancer agent and also useful for women reproductive system.


Cyclophosphamide Drug is a chemotherapeutic drug and used for the treatment of cancer patients. It stops or reduces the cell growth of cancer. The patient should take cyclophosphamide drugs orally or intravenously.

For pediatric patients, the dose should be 2 mg to 3 mg per kg of body weight.

For older patients, the dose should be 12 mg to 15 mg per kg of body weight for every 7 to 10 days. Take cyclophosphamide medicine as directed by doctors or physicians.

It is advice to patients not to miss any doses. If patients miss any doses then should contact the doctors immediately.


Chloramphenicol and sulfaphenazole retard the metabolism of cyclophosphamide. Take special precautions for older person, debilitated or physically weak person, and for diabetes patients.

Low white blood cell patients mustn’t take cyclophosphamide medicine and should consult doctors or drug specialist.

For viscus, hepatic and renal disease patients should not take these drugs.
Basic precaution should be taken for cyclophosphamide drugs. Patient having liver or nephritis mustn’t take these medicine.

Elderly patients should take cyclophosphamide drugs under doctors guideline. Patients allergic to cyclophosphamide medicine ought to avoid this medicine. Tell your doctor all regarding your medical conditions before using this drug.

Side Effects

The most common side effects of cyclophosphamide medicine square measure phalacrosis mean that hair falls from the scalp and from the body. Women’s having hormones connected issues mustn’t take cyclophosphamide medicine.

The major side effects of cyclophosphamide square measure cardiotoxicity that the patient’s heart doesn’t work properly. Long terms of use these cyclophosphamide medicines create many health connected problems like bladder cancer and leukemia.

Drug Interactions

It has serious toxicity together with different bone marrow suppression medicine of radiation. Phenobarbital increases metabolism and low white blood cells activity.

Cyclophosphamide drugs interactions with other chemotherapy drugs like doxorubicin and daunorubicin to increases the risk of cardiotoxicity. Allopurinol and chloramphenicol increase the risk of bone marrow toxicity.

These are the possible interaction of cyclophosphamide drugs. Patients have also consulted the doctors about taking all possible drugs interactions of cyclophosphamide drugs.


These square measure the advantages, side effects and precaution of cyclophosphamide drugs. We found no clear proof shows that cyclophosphamide medicine works absolutely for respiratory organ and metastasis organs than different medicine associated with these issues or diseases.

As I mentioned above, long term use of cyclophosphamide drugs causes many health-related issues. Theses drugs are basically used in the supervision of doctors or specialists. Before use, cyclophosphamide drugs patients should aware of it’s uses, side effects, drugs interactions, and precautions.

Additional Informations

Generic Name

Cyclophosphamide Monohydrate

Brand Names

Cytoxan, Endoxan, Celomide

Chemical Structure

Side Effects of Cyclophosphamide

Chemical Formula


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